Verve definition: noun

  • Exuberant enthusiasm, spirit, dash

  • Energy and enthusiasm in the expression of ideas, especially in artistic performance or composition

  • Verve is energy or enthusiasm, vitality and liveliness

Verve - What it means to us

The Pioneer Verve is the culmination of the Pioneer Campers’ journey over the last 25 years. The story starts in 1997 in Perth with the design of a light weight flip-over camper. This design was refined over time and took a strong market position in 2012 with its full sheet-metal construction.

Sensing a shift in the market, the Pioneer team began developing the Mitchell (2015), a hybrid super camper, beginning the journey towards a Hybrid Caravan. The Mitchell was awarded Camper Trailer of the Year in 2017 and developed a strong and loyal following. In 2020, Pioneer Campers was purchased by TRACK (Trailer) with the intention of continuing the Pioneer Camper evolution.

The TRACK team of engineers worked tirelessly throughout the COVID shut downs to capture and transform the essence and spirit of the Pioneer Camper into the Hybrid Caravan now known as the Pioneer Verve. The namesake, Verve, meaning vigour, spirit and/or enthusiasm.

The Pioneer Verve has all the rich history and pedigree of the previous Pioneers. Look at the lines, colours and iconic wheel arch flares. Stand back and admire the strong, but lightweight, insulated sheet metal body. Admire the underpinnings of the custom Trak-Two independent trailing arm coil suspension with twin shocks.

There’s so much to love about this truly unique Hybrid Camper.

Pioneer Verve Teaser

Fast Facts


  • HEIGHT WITH A/C: 3000mm
  • WIDTH WALLS: 1945mm
  • WIDTH GUARDS: 1990mm
  • WIDTH AWNING (MAX): 2070mm
  • LENGTH DRAWBAR: 1022mm


  • Featuring standard E/W pocket spring queen bed
  • Undermattress liner
  • 6 person dinette, swing away table
  • Twin fans
  • Twin LED reading lights with USB sockets
  • Under seat storage
  • 2 large tinted windows, integrated fly, privacy screens


  • Starting Tare Weight Pioneer: ~ 1871kg
  • Starting Ball Weight Pioneer: ~ 196kg
  • ATM (Max Load): ~ 2600kg
  • Payload: ~ 729kg

Starting weights are without additional options and with empty water tanks.


Also available in North/South queen and singles – see below


  • Precision sheet-metal wall and roof construction

  • Full height design delivers minimal setup time and easy access for roadside stops

  • Strong double skin doors allow easy access to external storage on both sides of the Pioneer Verve’s lower body

  • Custom designed chassis and uniquely tuned Trakmaster Trak-Two independent trailing arm coil suspension with twin shocks

  • Hot Dipped Galvanised (HDG) chassis, the gold standard of corrosion protection and features a *393% increase in protection, when compared to DuraGal® and similar alternatives offered by other manufacturers


  • Single handed operation with a flick-mixer and full-height shower rose
  • Drain plumbed directly to onboard grey water tank, with external overflow connection for use at caravan parks
  • Dometic Saneo CS; cassette, 16L black tank with a bowl adjustable by 90° in both directions
  • Hassle free access to toilet cartridge allowing for on-the-go emptying and swapping. The cartridge setup is the easiest on the market to use and doesn’t require extra “washable” items that tanks or composting units require
  • Integrated LED panel light with dimmer
  • Shower mirror fitted to door
  • Overhead towel hangers and rear wall caddy with drainage
  • SOG ventilation to further improve the owners experience by venting the toilet storage externally


  • Standard external kitchen, pull out S/S bench with generous pantry areas
  • External 2 burner gas stove
  • External 95L fridge dual zone fridge/freezer
  • More useable awning space 3.9 x 2.5m with middle brace
  • 2x 4.0kg gas bottles


Featuring twice the bench space of its smaller counterpart. The stainless-steel benchtop utilises advanced sheet metal techniques for a premium feel, including rounded edge. The powder coated, predominantly aluminium body makes access to storage a breeze, incorporating many drawers for the storage of all your kitchen needs.

The Premium Kitchen boasts a Thetford 3 burner (2×1.5KW, 1×2.5KW) glass topped stainless steel cooktop with Piezo ignition and matching stainless-steel sink with flick style tap, draining board and cutlery drawer located below. The kitchen utilises a lock in / lock out handle which accommodates single handed operation and slides on ball bearing runners. The integrated windshields are deployed by simply raising them into position. We’ve even fitted a bottle opener so you won’t have to go searching for your keys!


Our emphasis on outdoor cooking and preparation can be clearly seen by the positioning of the external kitchen in relation to the pantry (middle of awning) offering maximum protection and convenience.

Large external pantry (~115L) with deep well-thought-out shelves to accommodate a broad variety of food packaging. Featuring gas strut assisted door, LED light and compression seals with lock.

It’s a great place to keep cooking aids – paper towel, spices, oil as well as standard pantry items. Within minutes, it feels natural reaching up to the panty to get the things you need.

Pioneer Verve Testing

Pioneer Verve Layout Configurations

The bed is standard as an East/West orientation to maximise living space, dinette seating and allow for easy configuration of the bunk option. However, this is fully customisable and can be a full queen size bed in the North/South configuration or twin king single beds with a step through.

East / West Queen Bed

North / South Queen Bed

North / South King Singles

East / West Bunk Down

East / West Bunk Up

Rear Kitchenette Configurations

The overhead lockers are large and offer generous amounts of space for pantry goods. The bench height is the same as most household benches to ensure comfort while using. This is assisted by cut in kick panels (room for your feet) allowing you to stand closer to the bench. The rangehood is neatly concealed behind the overhead locker doors for a clean and consistent look.

Additionally, you can select which water tank you are using from inside the van, right at the kitchen.The internal kitchen space has a broad variety of options and configurations that allow you to fully customise the space swapping storage for cookers, microwaves and an internal fridge.

Standard Layout

Included in the Base Specification

  • Internal selection of water source (tank(s), pressurised inlet and drawer from a jerry can/other)
  • 2 x large and deep overhead lockers
  • 2 x 240V power points located door side on benchtop (not available if gas cooker option is fitted)
  • Internal sink (11L capacity) plumbed directly to onboard grey water tank with flick mixer pressurised tap
  • Hand pump including an isolated drinking filter
  • The ergonomic kitchen bench is set at a ‘back friendly’ height, the same as most households with cut-in kick panels (room for your feet) allowing you to stand closer
  • Rear cabinetry total of 5 pull-out drawers: 1 x medium under-sink drawer (350D x 185H x 465W), 1 x large under-sink drawer (350D x 315H x 465D), 3 x medium drawers entry door side (450D x 245H x 495W)
  • All drawers feature manual central locking allowing the user to engage all drawer locks easily and simultaneously prior to departure – an Industry first!

All Kitchenette Options

Available Options

  • 900W microwave located under sink. Replaces large drawer but retains medium drawer underneath (350D x 260H x 465W)
  • Internal upright 85L fridge with dual fan condenser cooler kit. Replaces 3 x medium drawers door side
  • Rangehood with external venting (required for gas cooker option). Hidden behind the door side overhead locker door. Slightly reduces the storage height but is a good option if you wish to use a portable induction cooker inside
  • Thetford glass-top 3-burner cooktop with Piezo ignition and flame failure device on valves. Changes door side drawer sizes 1 x small (450D x 150H x 495W) and 2 x medium (450D x 245H x 495W) and requires fixed ventilation

Power Information

Presentation of electrical systems is at eye level as a part of the control tower including a cigarette plug, 2 x 240V and 2 x USB

Redarc Redvision

Redvision® has been used to give you access to all the major appliance and onboard systems. Using the screen or your mobile phone (via Bluetooth app) you can switch inside and outside lights, view energy charge / consumption, check water capacity, turn on the inverter and easily deactivate the fridge(s) for storage, activate on board water pump and so much more.

This Australian designed and made electrical system accepts and regulates charge from solar, the tow vehicle and an external 240V source. All circuits have fuses and there is a master power switch for storage.

Batteries types and numbers (max 4) can be changed and upgraded, without the need to change any charging components.

Revolution Batteries

The Verve has premium Revolution Batteries specified as standard because they are engineered and extensively tested in the field. Revolution is an Australian family company that has decades of hands-on experience.

The Batteries are ultra-light at 11.5kg (standard Eco) and have Australia’s most advanced state of the art Battery Management System (BMS) inbuilt to ensure peace of mind, when it comes to battery protection and safety. Plus a 3-year replacement warranty.

Standard Electrics

  • Presentation of electrical systems is at eye level as a part of the control tower including a cigarette plug, 2 x 240V and 2 x USB
  • REDARC Manager 30 Multi Stage AC-DC battery charger and DC-DC charger with MPPT solar regulator, dual battery isolator, load disconnect controller
    REDARC RedVision with Bluetooth control for systems and management of power consumption
  • 1 x 250Ah (200ah usable) ithium LiFePO4 batteries – Revolution Eco
  • 2 x 200W solar panel mounted rearward on roof
  • Anderson plug to tow vehicle with fuse
  • External solar input Anderson plug
    Internal battery and solar isolation switches
  • 240V circuit breaker power box
  • External 240V outlet entry side behind guard
  • Inverter and 240V source auto switching
  • REDARC inverter (1000W)

Power Options

  • Upgrade from Revolution Eco 100Ah’s lithium LiFePO4 batteries to Revolution to Orange
  • 4 batteries max
  • Add an additional 160W solar panel front mounted on roof
  • REDARC inverter upgrade 2000W

200Ah Lithium

250L Water

Queen Bed or King Singles

Shower and Toilet

External Cooking

320W Solar

50L Grey Water

Serious Off-Road

Pioneer Verve Storage

Standard storage and customisation

The overhead lockers are secured with strong magnets (no locks required) and offer a surprisingly large amount of space. Towards the bed head end the lockers morph into quick storage for smaller items.

In the case of a queen bed in the North/South configuration there are also two bed side consoles that offer generous storage.

Above door side seating you’ll find open storage with access to power for charging on the go. Below this is also perfect real estate for a map or photo board.

Any seat location on the ‘Ensuite’ side of the van can also be upgraded for additional storage. A full height wardrobe can be installed alongside the shower while a low 2-drawer benchtop system can be located in lieu of any seat.

The table position changes to accommodate seat location.

Door side shelf with 2 x USB

Open storage

Magnetic lockers

Contoured open storage

Optional 2 drawer set

2 x large drawers (470W x 195H x 530D) with benchtop including 2 x USB and 2 x 240V power points along with an internal magazine holder with manual central locking. If fitted as 2nd module on N/S bed configuration, magazine holder not available

Optional Wardrobe

Full-height wardrobe with 3 x shelves (300W x 300H x 530D) and hanging space (295W x 530D x 1600H)

Pioneer Verve External Storage

Strong double skin doors allow easy access to external storage on both sides of the Pioneer Verve’s lower body. This allows the owner to view all the spaces at once and have direct access to every single area, without being impeded by small openings.
• Front boot side lockers ~120L each
• Lower body box (front) ~750L RHS
• Lower body box (rear) ~900L RHS

Lightweight aerodynamic front nose cone offers dust free storage and unique styling ~660L
Front nose locker featuring ARB® aluminium track and load ring set x 4
Large slide-out drawbar storage unit – useful for Genset or Jerry Cans ~250L

Front Nose Storage

Front Drawer

Gas Bottles

Compression Locks

Pioneer Verve Rear Bar Options

The Pioneer Verve is designed with flexibility in mind.

We provide the rear galvanised bumper standard and it creates the platform to accommodate our rear storage options. You can easily fit (max) two small storage units, a wood box or jerry can carrier in a 50/50 or 2 of the same design. We can also accommodate a large wood box, spare wheel carrier or ISI dual bike rack. Max load is 50kg. The rear maxtrax storage is available on all configurations except the spare wheel. These options can be changed with time or upgraded after taking delivery.

Single Jerry or Wood Box - Mix and Match

Large full width woodbox

Rear Spare Wheel Carrier

ISI Dual bike carrier

Our Difference

This brand-new Pioneer Verve represents the very best in Aussie ingenuity. It’s built tough and its focus is on you, your needs and is fully customisable to give you the best possible camping experience.

Backed by TRACK and Trakmaster, two leading brands in off-road touring, the Pioneer Verve has the pedigree of its past and the design of the future.

3 years on body and build

5 years on chassis and suspension