AF Gason

Victorian-based manufacturer AF Gason has cemented its commitment to the RV industry, adding Pioneer Camper Trailers to its suite of offerings.

Just two years ago the Ararat-based business, well known for producing woodheaters and farming equipment bought another RV manufacturer, Trakmaster Caravans.

The move to the RV sector isn’t an entirely new one for the business. AF Gason manufactured caravans in the 1950s for state authorities to provide accommodation to staff and for recreational use.

The latest purchase of off road camper manufacturer Pioneer will see their production of RVs more than double and create a fourth division to the business, dubbed the ‘Off Road Adventure’ division.

Trakmaster and Pioneer

The expansion of the business will be a great marriage between Trakmaster and Pioneer with countless synergies between the two products. Both have high quality top-end products, appealing to similar demographics.  Gason intends to introduce commonalty between the two products such as an improved suspension system, wheels and tyres.

Their team of engineers are working on improving the products with both short and long term projects having commenced. Replacing some of the metal components with fibreglass panels leading to an improved appearance and a decrease in the weight are examples of the work being undertaken.  These projects cement their dedication in not only continuing to build such a great brand but to improve on it, taking it to the next level of excellence.

Gason plan to continue to work with the existing Western Australian and South Australian dealers whilst servicing the Victorian, New South Wales and Queensland states via their head office in Bayswater Victoria.

Importantly for their customers Trakmaster and Pioneer can now offer a full range of products, from campers to fully customised caravans.