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Rhino covering on front areas

We've just returned from our outback travels and I've had a lot of stone damage to the left front gas bottle cover in particular.  Damage to other panels as well.  I was quite surprised as this was a feature.  Our previous Onyx has a mesh shield and was never a problem.  No shields now just expecting the rhino coatings to dampen the rocks being thrown up, but dampening is one thing, I certainly did not expect the damage to the coatings themselves.   Has anyone else had such issues and what did you do ?  Did you grind off the remaining rhino coating and respray yourself ?  Did you get replacements from Pioneer, if so, how much ?  Did you purchase a Stone Stomper/Rock Tamer instead ?  Or did you come up with something else - was thinking of foam mats being stuck on (ex Bunnings).

Any thoughts ?



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Re: Rhino covering on front areas

Hi Ron,

Ive got a stone stomper on my Gascoyne and it works really good, best thing ever.  I have no damage on my rhino coating and no stones bouncing back up to my rear window ether.



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