Fridge Sizes (Mitchell & Onyx)

Fridge Box Sizes for fit (Mitchell & Onyx GenII)

  • ARB
    • 35L
    • 47L
    • 60L
    • 78L
    • MR40F
    • MT17F
    • MT27F
    • MD27F
    • MT35FP
    • MT45FP
    • MT45FG
    • MT45FCP
    • MT60FP
    • MT60FP
    • MT60FCP
    • BCD30
    • BCD45
    • ED40
    • FM055
    • FM060
    • FM070
    • IB18
    • RF047
    • RF060
    • RF110
    • RF40
    • RV25
    • RV35
    • RV62
    • IFRIDGE30
    • IFRIDGE40
    • IFRIDGE65
    • IFRIDGE74
    • CF-18
    • CF-25
    • CF-35
    • CF-40
    • CF-50
    • CF-50DZ
    • CF-80AC
    • CFX-35
    • CFX-40
    • CFX-50
    • RC1600EGP
    • TC-14FL
    • TC-21FL
    • TC-35FL

This list is an indication only and does not include accessories (Fridge Bags etc.)

Pioneer Campers product is subject to change at our discretion.

Locking your Compression Locks

Your Pioneer Camper is equipped with quality compression latches that work on a two stage process. The first 90 degrees latches the lock while the second stage compresses the lock and seals your hatch. You will notice that the barrel of the lock and the “wing” of the lock both have a small indentation. When these indentations are aligned you can use the key to secure the lock. Should you have issues with using the key, undo and redo the lock before trying again. You may need to hold the “wing” closed while using the key to secure.

Compression Lock

Should you have repeated issues over time. Graphite can be uses to lubricate the latch or talk to you Pioneer Dealer for assistance.

Storage Options and How to Access

Storage Options: For ease of access Pioneer have designed drop down Gas bottle Doors across the range. This also houses an integral step which aids access to our cavernous Solar Storage Box in the Mitchell. All Jerry can and Wood storage has drainage for ease cleaning.

Redarc Manager 30 (BMS)

Pioneer Campers use the best in Australian Products. Your Pioneer Campers brain is its BMS. This regulates power input from your vehicle, site or solar. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the Redarc Manager 30 manual before setting out with your camper. You will have been supplied one with your camper.

Additional Solar

The Pioneer Mitchell comes with an onboard Solar panel. Both the Mitchell and the Onyx also have an additional solar input socket (merit) to which you can add portable solar capabilities. This additional solar source is regulated by your Redarc Manger 30. For optimum performance you should use an unregulated Solar Panel or Blanket. You will find this socket on the drivers side rear quarter panel next to the 240v inlet and Water inlet

Using the Hand Pump

The handpump at the front of your camper is great for washing up after you have packed up. Also, should you experience battery issues you still have access to water!

As the handpump is plumbed in the 12v pump line it is important to note the isolation tap mounted under the gas bottle floor near the tap. This isolation tap should be closed when using the 12v pump and opened when using the Handpump. This will help to keep the 12v pump primed and maintain good working order. Do not use the handpump with the tap closed as this may blow the seals in the tap.

The tap can also be rotated to hide behind you stonee protection while driving.

Gas Struts

Maintaining your gas struts will prolong their life and make closing/lifting your roof/floor a breeze. Gas struts naturally loose approx. 10% pressure each year. You can prolong this life by regularly cleaning the shaft before operation. This stops dirt, dust and grit from scoring the shaft and degrading the seals during operation. You can use a Silicon spray to assist this lubrication.

Should you need to replace your Gas Struts your nearest dealer can assist you or with a few tools you can do this yourself. You should find the details for the strut on a label on the body, however should this have worn away, contact your closest Pioneer Dealer with the details of your camper model and year and they will assist. You will then need a sash clamp to assist in removing and replace the strut as this is done under pressure.

Note: New Generation Pioneer Hardfloor Campers have struts internally as well as externally. While the external struts take most of the weather, if you replace these and still feel the roof is heavy you may need to replace/lubricate the internal strut

Cleaning the Fridge box Filter

Your Fridge Box Filter will maintain clean fresh air to your fridge. These filters are Hepa filters and as such can be washed around 5-10 times. However to maintain we suggest after dusty roads you remove the filter and knock the filter clean to increase its life span. Should you require a new filter please contact your local dealer.

How long does it take to setup the Onyx

To setup the Onyx for an overnight stop takes between 3-5 minutes. This give you the ability to sleep up to 4 adults comfortably. Another couple of minutes and you can have your Quick Awning option setup as well, while for longer stays the Full awning takes 10-15 minutes. A Kidsroom is also available for sleeping 4 adults and 2-3 kids comfortable. Click thru to see the setup video.

How do I care for my canvas?

Canvas Care: Clean the canvas by brushing regularly inside & out, with a soft bristle brush & hosing occasionally with cold clean water. Avoid dirt, tree sap, leaves, bird droppings, and other debris from accumulating or remaining in contact with your external cover or canvas. Purchase a Reflective Blanket to reduce inside temperatures and save your canvas roof!!!
Never expose canvas to petrol, solvents, kerosene & other similar fluids.
Vegetation could harm the fabric and may cause dry rotting or ugly stains. While camping, be careful to keep bushes and vines away.
Avoid hairsprays, deodorants or insect sprays on the fabric, as they can impair water repellence and cause staining. If you do washing inside your Camper Tent, small splashes of detergent can effect the waterproofing on the canvas.
Spray canvas with water proofing spray (particularly on seams) available at most camping stores for additional protection of canvas. This should be done annually.

Closing the Pop Roof on your Mitchell

When opening and closing the Pop roof on your Mitchell we suggest that you have the rear floor open to allow air to escape. While the pop roof can be opened and closed with the rear floor closed, you will experience some difficulty due to the vacuum created. Should you need to open or close with the rear floor shut, we suggest you take it slowly to allowing time for the air the escape.

How long does it take to set up the Mitchell?

To setup the Mitchell for an overnight stop takes between 1-2 minutes. Another couple of minutes and you can have your Quick Awning setup as well, while for longer stays the Full awning option takes 10-15 minutes. Click thru to see the a setup video.