Pioneer Campers is a division of Caramax Pty Ltd (ABN:  93 612 604 350).  Pioneer Campers hereby warrant each new camper purchased, under normal use and maintenance, of defects and workmanship. Subject to the following  terms and conditions:

NOTE: All warranty works will be actioned in order of repair / replace / refund.  Servicing to the camper is recommended as per service schedule included in the booklet provided with the camper.

1. Term

  1. 5 year warranty on chassis and suspension.
  2. 5 year warranty will be provided on the canvas. This is a back to back warranty from Wax Converters. All canvas is Australian made and Australian Sewn.
  3. 1 year warranty on materials & workmanship will be provided on all other components except for chassis and canvas.
  4. We strive to only purchase quality proprietary items from long term suppliers such as stoves, sinks, lights, etc. A 12 month warranty shall be provided, which is a back to back warranty from our suppliers.
  5. A 12 month warranty on tyres shall be provided against any manufacturing defect. All tyres must have legal tread depth applicable to your State or Territory. There is no warranty on tyre life.
  6. A 12 month warranty on the mechanical lift system where fitted.

2. Inclusions

  1. Warranty covers all workmanship on campers, including electrical and gas fittings.
  2. Replace any parts due to defective material or workmanship.
  3. Warranty claims in the first instance where approved will be “back to base” for repair, unless advised in writing by Pioneer Camper trailers.

3. Exclusions

  1. Normal maintenance, such as: greasing wheel bearings, tightening wheel nuts or prompt repair of damage caused by stone chips or other surface damage, brakes, tears to canvas, broken zips, blown globes
  2. Repairs or replacement required not as a result of defects in material or workmanship of the Manufacturer but as a result of
    1. Accident
    2. Misuse or abuse
    3. Lack of proper maintenance
    4. Repairs improperly performed or replacement parts improperly installed by any persons other than an authorised Pioneer Dealer
    5. A replacement not confirmed to the Manufacturer’s specifications
    6. Modification and remodelling without acknowledgement by the Manufacturer or Dealer.
    7. Deterioration
  3. Addition to or alteration of the camper.
  4. Corrosion, accident, abuse or fair wear and tear.
  5. Damage caused to zips, running gear (whether static or in transit), suspension, tyres, wheels.
  6. Change of Ownership – Warranty does not automatically transfer on change of ownership.
    1. 1 year warranty on materials & workmanship is void on all components (this does not apply to chassis and canvas).

If a Pioneer Camper is found to be defective within the warranty term as outlined in (1. TERMS)  above, the defect will be repaired or replaced at Pioneer Campers discretion in conjunction with the authorised Pioneer dealer.

Pioneer campers must be given the first opportunity to arrange any warranty repairs.  Under no circumstances will re-imbursement be made for work completed without prior knowledge and written consent of Pioneer Campers.

Any transport costs arising out of a warranty claim will be the responsibility of the purchaser. 

Pioneer Campers reserves the right to alter specifications without notification as improvements to design occur in the customer’s best interest.