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Hardfloor Camper Design & Testing

On behalf of the team at Pioneer we are proud to introduce the new generation of hard floor campers.  With years of design, engineering and manufacturing experience and the constant support of our experienced off road dealer network, we believe the new generation marks a significant step forward in hard floor camper design.  If you have an enjoyable, stress free offroad adventure we have done our job.



Before the 2013 Pioneer Camper range was envisaged an extensive research program was undertaken.  We drew upon the previous model campers, feedback from customers and dealers and combined this with our parent company Actco-Pickering’s 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry to develop a sound understanding of what we had to do to create a first class off road camper trailer.



After conducting our research the design phase progressed to conceptual work and ideation.  This is where the bones of the camper are laid out and the functional aspects discussed: concurrently ideas of shape and form progress with a tough, rugged, but sleek exterior and modern, airy, clean and comfortable interior driving the look and feel.  What resulted is what we feel to be the most practical, usable outcome, which will ultimately make your off road adventure more satisfying.


Design Development

3D computer aided design (CAD) software affords the ability to build the camper in a virtual environment with accurate representation of what will be manufactured on the factory floor.  Pioneer’s extensive manufacturing capabilities then enable us to promptly prove these designs and adjust acordingly. Prototypes are then constructed and real world testing can begin.


Testing & Refinement

There is no substitute for real world testing.  So our entire new generation camper range has been subjected to a myriad of server scenarios including water and dust ingress, extreme weight loading and corrugation testing.  Design and engineering is also about recognising a tried and tested design and as such the Pioneer chassis has only undergone minor refinement, while the Grafta independant trailing arm suspension on Kevlar dry bushes remains unchanged from that which has served Pioneer campers for hundreds of thousands  of kilometers!


Camper Trailer Guild Member   Caravan Industry Association of Australia
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